Two Wins For Trevor At Shelsley Walsh

Flaming June it may not have been, but Aylesbury driver Trevor Willis brightened up the gloom with sparks from beneath his car at a very cold and wet Shelsley Walsh on Sunday.

With two very brave runs of 28.51 and 27.95 seconds in is OMS Powertec V8, Willis took both rounds of the British Hill Climb Championship.

Reigning champion Scott Moran could only manage 3rd and 4th places on the slippery track but still retains a small lead in the championship standings, followed by Willis and Scott's father Roger Moran, with whom he shares their Gould GR61X racing car.

Scottish drivers Wallace Menzies and Lee Adams take up the next two places in their DJ Firestorm and GWR Raptor respectively.

Providing a splendid soundtrack up the hill was the demonstration run by the ex-Graham Hill BRM, which was a Jubilee weekend guest at Shelsley Walsh to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Hill winning his first F1 World Championship and the first for British Racing Motors.

Competitors in the Pirelli Ferrari Hill Climb Championship braved the conditions in their iconic machines to provide close competition and a beautiful spectacle throughout the day.

Local drivers and fellow MAC members, Craig Bates, Clive Austin and Tina Hawkes all driving OMS single seater racing cars each managed to record credible times in the dreadful conditions and still got their cars back into the trailers safely in one piece!

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