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The Midland Automobile Club (MAC) founded and has always operated Shelsley Walsh. The MAC is arguably the oldest motor club in the world, certainly the oldest still using its original name although there are a few close rivals. The club was founded by a number of prominent members of the early motor industry whilst Queen Victoria was still on the throne. The MAC is Shelsley Walsh but it is not all we do. In addition to Shelsley Walsh speed hill climbs, the MAC organizes sprints, sporting trials, classic car events and social events. We feature something for every motor sport and motoring enthusiast. We are the heart of Motor Sport in the Midlands.

The future of Shelsley Walsh was secured with a new 99 year lease in 2005. A program of works to renovate the old buildings at the base of the hill to provide improved facilities for the use of competitors, spectators and visitors alike continues as and when funds are available.

If you haven't bought a yard of tarmac, or entered the Monthly Draw, then do so as you will be helping us to continue with these improvements to a piece of Great British sporting history.

We look forward to welcoming you at Shelsley Walsh some day soon.
Shelsley Walsh
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